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Last summer my two nieces came to visit me. One of them is 29 and the other is 25, I however am in my 50s and have no daughters. We all love clothes and fashion so this gave me some young women to shop with and find out about the latest styles.  They took me to the great stores and showed me the most comfortable jeans ever but that’s for another blog.

Today I want to tell you about these wonderful creams. My younger niece has really dry skin and this brand of cream is the only thing that has ever helped. With these creams you only have to use a very small amount so they last a long time (about 5 months.)  This is the link to buy these products and get more information. Make sure you get some free samples when you order.

Rosa Arctica is a cream for younger looking skin. After a few weeks it seemed that fewer fine lines were visible in my face. I use this both day and night.

Midnight Recovery Eye is my favorite. So many of my friends commented on my younger looking eyes within 2 weeks of me starting to use this cream. My eyes were less puffy especially under my eyes.

Last is Midnight Recovery Concentrate. My skin just looked smother, softer and more vibrant.

The 2 Midnight creams I only put on at night and it is just amazing how little you need to use. These creams are expensive but they last for months.  And as always don’t forget to use sunscreen daily on your face and hands.

Have fun and stay young.