Trends in Male Hair Styles in France


Summary: In many countries men do not give much importance to their hair style like women, but this is not the case in France. French men give much importance to their hair styling just as they give to their attire. A hairstyle works well only if the man wearing it carries it with elegance and confidence.

Gone are the days where fashion was restricted only to ladies. Men have started to give equal importance to their looks just like women. Male salon experts are the fine example to add to this point. Apart from models and media professionals, men in all walks of life have started to concentrate on their dressing style. Men usually have their hair trimmed shorter than girls, yet the creativity of the hair stylists have given us a wide variety of hair styles for different occasions and for different face cuts. Fashion world comments that trend among women vanish fast, but men hairstyle trends last long even though they evolve slowly and steadily. This article briefs on some of the latest hairstyles in France.

Latest Trends in Men’s Hairstyle
Spiky hairstyles are always trendy. Every fashionable man would have tried this hair style at least once in his life time. It gives a bold and a kind of playful look. Men having spikes are considered to be easy going and easily approachable. Of you want to try your luck with a new girl, you can try it with spikes. When spikes are paired with proper dress code it will surely turn many heads to your side. The only requirement for this style is sufficient hair. There is always misconception that spike style should not be paired with tie and a blazer, yet when perfectly spiked this style looks good on all attires.

Crop style haircut is not new among men, yet it has not lost its popularity. As a variation the new trend is to cut the hair short at the bottom and a little longer at the top. This style is also called as razor short cut. Apart from its low maintenance the style also gives a sexy and complete look. It is also a convenient style and does not demand you to shampoo every day. The advantageous feature of this hair style is that the style looks well groomed even when you do not actually do it. Every flake on the hair looks evident so it is necessary to keep the hair away from dandruff.

Undercut style is the choice of cool guys, here the hair is cut short at side and is longer at the top. Asymmetrical fringes are cut in the front long hair to further complement the look. Different color variants can be used depending upon the skin tone. Quaff hairstyle, short curls, slicked haircuts, curly mop top, shoulder length hair cut, shag style, side parted hairstyles are some of the latest styles that are in trend today among men in France.