The Extremely Stylish, Coiffure de France


Summary: Irrespective of the style, attire, beseeching attitude and the captivating essence, every man carries a different style of attitude and hair-do. Coiffure has always been an intrinsic beauty aid to a man with style. Know more about the popular male hairstyles in France.

Whether you sport a suit or a casual tee, wearing a hairstyle that suits one’s attitude enhances his personality. Men in France have been touted as the most stylish men in the world who look perpetually incredible. While in countries all across the world, it is the women who tend to garner the utmost attention, France witnesses a completely different approach. Here, it is the men who give a run to their women counterparts and display the most appealing looks that reflect their culture and also a style that leaves them unique in the world. Let us look at some of the most popular hairstyles flaunted by men in France.

Quirky and Popular Male Hairstyles in France
The clean shave or the baldheaded look is one of the most popular styles of the French. Though in earlier days there was a myth that the French men are not prone to shaving, today, the clean shave look is what the men prefer to go with, most uprightly the masculine men. Being very prominent and particularly with the increasing popularity of even the celebs flaunting this hair-do, the bald head smooth shaven look truly stands out. The French men feel that the bald head or the “La tete chauve” look is very evoking and a polished style that is a favorite in all seasons.

The slick-back style which means pushing hair backwards and away from one’s face gives the most sophisticated look to a man. Very widely accepted, this hair style is the in-fashion one to majority of professionals who seek a subtle look. This hair-do is the political face of the country, noted the French President and can be worn very easily even by the medium hair length men. With a flat-comb or hair brush and a little hair gel to hold your hair backwards, this hairstyle champions all the others and gives a very smart and appealing look to a man.

Are you a musician, own a band or one who is from the arts, music or dance field? Then the most ardent look of such people in France is the Mop top Coiffure. No rules, no worries, no qualms about long uncut hair and a representation of a style statement, the French performers seek this hairstyle with utmost confidence and flaunt it in style. While for many men with long hair, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage, it still does not affect the intensity with which a French man carries this style. It is the perfect blend and a unique combination that gives a versatile look to the man, with an opportunity to also have a slick back style that gives a professional appeal, while performing one can just let loose the hair and get going.