Stylish Medium Hair Styles for the Chic French Women of Today


Summary: It’s the perfect hair length that does not fall too short or too long on the shoulders. The medium hair length hair-dos are becoming increasingly popular with signature perfect elegance and sheer beauty.

Women in France have always been the damsel with long tresses that made them look one of the prettiest of all in the world. However, with the ultra-modern change in contemporary fashion, women have now changed their mindset to wearing medium length hairstyles. They are also the perfect choice for the women who don’t sneak into wearing a short bob cut or lengthy tresses and are the flawless blend of trend and fashion.

Off-late the super long hair locks seem to have a back stand among the trendy affluent women over 30 years of age in France. The medium hair length allows the trimming of unwanted hair length, split ends and texture less hair streaks. The key to perfect medium hair cut is wearing a shoulder length hair style. It cannot be too short or too long and should just touch the collar bone.

Stylish Hair Locks that Make You a Timeless Beauty
Medium length hair styles can be layered, angled, straight, or even curly with waves and flairs. They suit every face shape and add lot of elegance to one’s appearance. The cut adds extreme versatility in the appearance and evokes the natural beauty that captures the spirit of a Greek Goddess.

Long layers are the trendiest of all. They start at the chin and go down till the length of the hair. Stylists use razor techniques to give it the right feel and texture. A scoop of waves can add much glory to this hair style. Another style that catches one’s eye very easily is the scrunching effect that comes with just a blow dry. Now isn’t that cool.

Blunt bangs and shoulder length hair is very popular among the younger generation of French girls. It can easily be worn and gives an edge to a blah haircut. If you are one of those professional women out there, then the sophisticated straight cut is the apt hairstyle that you may flaunt. With a simple sleek and straight haircut, this style looks seemingly elegant and classy that suits every face shape without disturbing the sophisticated and subtle professional look.

To look drop dead gorgeous and ultra-stylish, French girls opt for a chic wavy look that suits every face. They are simple, easy-to-manage and very convenient without needing any accessories to add on to it. Add bangs to your hair or just give them a little curl, if you are the proud owner of naturally thick hair, then medium hair dos can do wonders to your look and add tremendous elegance to your beauty.

With a smarming number of medium length hairstyles for the ultra-chic, trendy and contemporary women of France, these coiffures are a big hit among all the age groups. From a young college girl to a woman aged 50, shoulder length hairstyles not only add elegance to their style but also complement their attitude and give a voluptuous outlook.