Popular Hair Cuts/Crops for Men in France


Summary: There are many popular hair styles in men and youth of France. Some of them are clean shaven or bald look, slick back style, mop top, hi top style, etc.

There are several hair styles that French men opt for. One of them is the Clean-Shaven look. Though there is a long-running myth that French men are not keen to shave, these French men have dispelled such rumor eagerly with a unique hairdo. This is the bald style. This is a style of their making. This is very prominent among sportspersons across all sports. The smooth-headed styling has got popularized via several winning football players. It has also been replicated through many other French athletic players. The bald head or “La tete chauve,” is a long lasting ‘do amongst French men old and young. This evokes a carefree and polished sense of hair style.

Popular Hair Cuts for French Men

The slick-back is another male hairstyle. It is created via pushing back your hair away from your face. It is a well-received coiffure in professional environs of France. Well known people often famous for their refined fashion style, sport this ‘hair do’ as a political style of this country. This hairstyle may be easily achieved with hair of medium-length using any flat brush or comb. A pomade or maximum-hold gel can be used. Versatility happens to be one of the prominent features of this hairdo. It may be worn without or with a part and may be worn straight after work to have dinner or to a discotheque without seeming out of the ordinary.

The mop top is another famous hair style in French men. Amongst youngsters of the music and arts scene, free-flowing lock has been and continues to be a huge hit. It is a representative of the no-worries, no-rules attitude of several French performers. French entertainers old and young as well as teenagers have allowed their hairs grow out and be untamed. This hairstyle is also famous o the fields as a choice for athletes. Though this hairstyle eventually gets unmanageable and long for most men, French men keep their ‘ hair do at reasonable lengths above their chin. This gives a boyish look and allows them to maintain their hairs under control and out of their eyes.

Certain French celebrities maintain their hair a bit short but still keep it tousled. This non styled hair style happens to be a compromise between the casual and professional. It gives these men similar versatility which the slick-back gives room for. One more style is the hi-top fades style. It was made famous during the later years of 1980s and the early 1990s through the hip-hop youth. This haircut is still worn by men and youth. The hair is worn thick and long at the top portion with sides cut either low or completely shaved. The hair thickness fades from the top portion of your head to nape of your neck.