Get the Casual Look for Your Long Hair with French Hairstyles


Summary: French women give much importance to their hair do’s just like the dress they choose to wear. The famous French braid or the French roll hairstyle was introduced to the rest of the world by French women. French ladies prefer a casual look and do not expect their hair strands to be perfectly in place.

As rightly said, no woman is ugly today; the difference between beauty and ugly lies in the dressing style. When rightly dressed with perfect accessories, even an average look can be turned into a marvelous look. Hair styles are part of accessorizing. Fashion keeps changing and so is the hairstyle of women. French women are an epitome of world fashion. They keep experimenting new styles and always lead the world in terms of fashion. Even though it was the French ladies to first experiment with bob cut, today more and more youngsters are growing their hair long to look more feminine. This article explains some of the famous in trend hair styles for long hair.

Female Hair Styles for Long Hair in France
French roll and French braid have been a long time favorite hairstyle for many of the celebrities around the world. Be it a dress you wear or the hair-do you select, always choose the one which will suit your face cut and the occasion. Loose French braid is a neat hairstyle that looks great with long hairs. This is perhaps the most versatile hair do that can be worn on all occasions. This hair do is very convenient and easy. This hairstyle adds an elegant look to the attire. As a variation, a typical French braid can also be folded to form a neat bun at the top. This style is called as French braided bun and is apt for church events and marriages.

French roll is yet another popular hairstyle among French women who have long hair. This is the more classic styled hair-do which does not demand time longer than 10 minutes. French roll looks great when it is paired with a sleeveless dress and a bold sunglass. It is ideal for skinny and tall girls.

Rope pony tail is yet another easy hair style which is common at red carpet events. This simple hair style is ideal for all parties and small gatherings. This hair style is perhaps the best way to show the real length of your hair. It is as simple as pony tail. For this hair style first you should make a loose pony then tie it up with rubber bands at regular intervals.

Messy bun hairstyle, as the name suggests, gives a casual and clumsy look. This can be done on medium length hairs and long hairs. This hairdo gives a more pretty and stylish look and can be experimented by women of all ages. Generally French women do not expect a perfect hair style and prefer more casual looks. Au natural is common among teen agers. Without much effort this hair style just allows the hair to fall on shoulders without use of hair spray.