Information about Braid Hairstyles around the World


Women keep their hair organized and neat through hair braids. Women can choose their favorite hair braid depending on the need after thoroughly combing the hair with wide toothed comb. It prevents tangles to stay away from your hair.

Women love to look beautiful. They wear beautiful dresses, ear rings, and bangles to enhance their natural beauty. Hair style plays a vital role in improving the natural beauty of a woman. Good hair styles including side braid, messy side braid, the milkmaid braid, twist around side braid, standard braid, crown braid, French braid and Fishtail braid, which naturally improves the overall appearance of a woman. Women across the world are now leaning towards braid hair style to further enhance their beauty.

Why Women Choose Braid Hair Style?
Braid hair style keeps the hair organized, neat and away from the face. It will not create any uneasiness while moving around or working. Beautiful Indian women wear beautiful braid hair style across the world. Women can choose their own braid style from any of the styles mentioned above and improve their style and make a fashion statement. You can choose appropriate style for modeling, college, work or for functions. Making Indian braid hair style is easy and takes less time. You can choose different variations of braids including French braid, maiden braid, fishtail braid or the messy braid for your hair style.

Both urban and rural Indian women prefer common braids. Braids allow women to easily manage their hair. It helps to prevent tangles. You can stay with braided hair for longer periods. Plaits are attractive for any type of hair or texture. Many models are increasingly seeking braid hair styles to improve fashion statement.

Standard Braids
Many girls nowadays are wearing twisted plaits, fishtail braid or reverse French braids. Majority of females use standard braids. Standard braids are also called English braids. Standard braids are made by dividing the hair into three equal portions and crossing left portion over the middle and then keeping the right one over the middle. This process is completed till the end. You can wear a rubber band at the end. You can adore your hair with flowers.

French Braids
It is also one of the popular hair styles. It also called Sagar Choti. You need to take 3 portions at top of the head and add hair sections to the plait. It keeps your hair neatly designed and enhances your beauty. You can add a bun to further enhance your beauty.

Crown Braids
It is almost similar to Swiss braid. It takes lot of your valuable time, as you need to add small sections of the hair from the crown area to the plait. It is good for long as well as medium type hair styles. Beauties with curly hair can choose this hair style for improving the appearance.