Different Hairstyles of Asian Women


Summary: Asian female hairstyles depend on regional factors. The most common characteristic of Asian hairstyle and a prominent feature is long straight hair which has a lot of bounce and shine. In addition there are many other styles due to modern fashion of today.

In oriental countries like Japan the traditional geisha look is still very much in vogue. So is the chic looking coifs of harajuku women. Geishas were artistic oriented women trained in the arts and etiquettes of entertainment. Their levels of expertise were characterized by the hairstyle which had typical varieties such as ofuku or sakkou to name a few. Geisha styles today are worn on occasions.

The punk looking harajuku gals in Tokyo proudly display this style typical of street wear depicted by its razor sharp cuts. It gained popularity in the years after 2000 and sported bright dyed colors of red or blue or purple.

Short hair is also very popular in Asia with styles like bob cuts or mushroom cuts. Curls and spikes are also slowly catching on in the modern generation. Medium hair lengths are also favored by those wanting a more sober and flexible look. Medium hair can be manipulated well in creating a variety of styles where one can induce curls using anything from a curling iron to regular curlers. Medium hair is also good for a permanent wave effect.

The Ever Popular Straight Look
The most popular hairstyle which has withstood generations is straight look. Straight shiny hair is still very much in fashion in the whole of Asia and not just restricted to the oriental nations. In India too, the straight look is considered very fashionable. Straight hair can undergo a number of techniques to acquire a shiny sheet look. Feather cut straight hair looks very chic and trendy. The process of an ionic perm helps the hair to fall naturally and remain straight. The style treatment can keep hair straight for up to a year without coarseness. In order to retain the silky sheen of straight hair low ph shampoos are preferred along with conditioners.

Long hair styles are also common in the whole of Asia especially in India where long hair is considered beautiful. Long hair with curls and ringlets or waves incorporated into the style makes a very imposing fashion statement. Women all over Asia love their long hair enhanced by a perm with bangs, clips, and pins. In places like India most women will be seen sporting long hair with braids or a coiffure look or a simple bun with a single strand falling over the side of the face. This makes the hair look elegant but simple. Adding streaks of color by a process called streaking gives the style added effect.