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Last summer my two nieces came to visit me. One of them is 29 and the other is 25, I however am in my 50s and have no daughters. We all love clothes and fashion so this gave me some young women to shop with and find out about the latest styles.  They took me to the great stores and showed me the most comfortable jeans ever but that’s for another blog.

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Rosa Arctica is a cream for younger looking skin. After a few weeks it seemed that fewer fine lines were visible in my face. I use this both day and night.

Midnight Recovery Eye is my favorite. So many of my friends commented on my younger looking eyes within 2 weeks of me starting to use this cream. My eyes were less puffy especially under my eyes.

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The 2 Midnight creams I only put on at night and it is just amazing how little you need to use. These creams are expensive but they last for months.  And as always don’t forget to use sunscreen daily on your face and hands.

Have fun and stay young.


Popular Hair Cuts/Crops for Men in France

Summary: There are many popular hair styles in men and youth of France. Some of them are clean shaven or bald look, slick back style, mop top, hi top style, etc.

There are several hair styles that French men opt for. One of them is the Clean-Shaven look. Though there is a long-running myth that French men are not keen to shave, these French men have dispelled such rumor eagerly with a unique hairdo. This is the bald style. This is a style of their making. This is very prominent among sportspersons across all sports. The smooth-headed styling has got popularized via several winning football players. It has also been replicated through many other French athletic players. The bald head or “La tete chauve,” is a long lasting ‘do amongst French men old and young. This evokes a carefree and polished sense of hair style.

Popular Hair Cuts for French Men

The slick-back is another male hairstyle. It is created via pushing back your hair away from your face. It is a well-received coiffure in professional environs of France. Well known people often famous for their refined fashion style, sport this ‘hair do’ as a political style of this country. This hairstyle may be easily achieved with hair of medium-length using any flat brush or comb. A pomade or maximum-hold gel can be used. Versatility happens to be one of the prominent features of this hairdo. It may be worn without or with a part and may be worn straight after work to have dinner or to a discotheque without seeming out of the ordinary.

The mop top is another famous hair style in French men. Amongst youngsters of the music and arts scene, free-flowing lock has been and continues to be a huge hit. It is a representative of the no-worries, no-rules attitude of several French performers. French entertainers old and young as well as teenagers have allowed their hairs grow out and be untamed. This hairstyle is also famous o the fields as a choice for athletes. Though this hairstyle eventually gets unmanageable and long for most men, French men keep their ‘ hair do at reasonable lengths above their chin. This gives a boyish look and allows them to maintain their hairs under control and out of their eyes.

Certain French celebrities maintain their hair a bit short but still keep it tousled. This non styled hair style happens to be a compromise between the casual and professional. It gives these men similar versatility which the slick-back gives room for. One more style is the hi-top fades style. It was made famous during the later years of 1980s and the early 1990s through the hip-hop youth. This haircut is still worn by men and youth. The hair is worn thick and long at the top portion with sides cut either low or completely shaved. The hair thickness fades from the top portion of your head to nape of your neck.

Popular Braid Hairstyles for Men in France

Summary: Braided type of hairstyling is very popular now-a-days among men. Men prefer keeping their braided hair longer than they usually do. They also impart different looks and patterns to the braids with the help of various types of styling. Some of the most common types of braided hairstyles that are highly popular these days amongst men worldwide are the Cornrow braided hairstyle, Belgian waffle braided hairstyle, and Zigzag braided hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles are in much talk these days amongst men. Braided type of hairstyling is becoming a favorite of many men in France. Now-a-days, men in France don’t have to face any rejection of education, employment or the society’s ridicule because of their longer hair. With the freedom to keep longer hair, men are highly drawn towards the braid hairstyles. Men braided hairstyles are always amazing to look at. Whether you opt for a braided maze, braided flower or a braided money-symbol pattern, the styles are always jaw dropping. Men braids are of various types viz. long, short, pulled up, shelled, or beaded. Astounding creativity can be witnessed in men braids. The styles are often very fun-filled and crazy too.

Some Popular Braided Hair Styles Found amongst Men
1) Cornrow braided hairstyling:-
The Cornrow type of braided hairstyling is one of the most famous and a common fashion among men these days. It is one of the most favored braided hairstyles amongst men. Cornrow is a traditional type of braiding wherein the hair is braided very close (confining) to the hair scalp. The cornrow braided hairstyling comes in various patterns. Usually, Cornrow braiding is done in properly aligned straight rows, but curved, parallel rows, linear, swirls and various other complex geometric patterns are also very popular amongst men. Cornrow braiding can often be seen adorned with the help of shells or beads. The thing which makes men go gaga about the Cornrow braided hairstyles is the fact that they are extremely easy to maintain and retain too.
2) Belgian waffle braided hairstyling:-
Well, the name may sound awkward and may make you think about those famous and delicious Belgium waffles. It is actually the look and the styling of this type of braided hairstyling that resembles that of the Belgium waffles. In a Belgian waffle styled braiding, the hair is cornrowed in such a way that it looks identical to the pattern of the Belgium waffles (food item). Men opt for this type of braiding to impart a distinctive look and feel to their entire personality. Many different designs can be created while retaining the Belgium waffle look.
3) Zigzag braided hairstyling:-
This type of braiding is popular amongst those men who enjoy performing arts with their hair. Herein, the braids are tight, very small and patterned in a straight line starting from the front to the back. There are no hard and fast rules for making the design patterns in this type of braiding. Any pattern or art can be implemented on them. Hence, the term – ‘zigzag’ best describes this type of braiding.

Trends in Male Hair Styles in France

Summary: In many countries men do not give much importance to their hair style like women, but this is not the case in France. French men give much importance to their hair styling just as they give to their attire. A hairstyle works well only if the man wearing it carries it with elegance and confidence.

Gone are the days where fashion was restricted only to ladies. Men have started to give equal importance to their looks just like women. Male salon experts are the fine example to add to this point. Apart from models and media professionals, men in all walks of life have started to concentrate on their dressing style. Men usually have their hair trimmed shorter than girls, yet the creativity of the hair stylists have given us a wide variety of hair styles for different occasions and for different face cuts. Fashion world comments that trend among women vanish fast, but men hairstyle trends last long even though they evolve slowly and steadily. This article briefs on some of the latest hairstyles in France.

Latest Trends in Men’s Hairstyle
Spiky hairstyles are always trendy. Every fashionable man would have tried this hair style at least once in his life time. It gives a bold and a kind of playful look. Men having spikes are considered to be easy going and easily approachable. Of you want to try your luck with a new girl, you can try it with spikes. When spikes are paired with proper dress code it will surely turn many heads to your side. The only requirement for this style is sufficient hair. There is always misconception that spike style should not be paired with tie and a blazer, yet when perfectly spiked this style looks good on all attires.

Crop style haircut is not new among men, yet it has not lost its popularity. As a variation the new trend is to cut the hair short at the bottom and a little longer at the top. This style is also called as razor short cut. Apart from its low maintenance the style also gives a sexy and complete look. It is also a convenient style and does not demand you to shampoo every day. The advantageous feature of this hair style is that the style looks well groomed even when you do not actually do it. Every flake on the hair looks evident so it is necessary to keep the hair away from dandruff.

Undercut style is the choice of cool guys, here the hair is cut short at side and is longer at the top. Asymmetrical fringes are cut in the front long hair to further complement the look. Different color variants can be used depending upon the skin tone. Quaff hairstyle, short curls, slicked haircuts, curly mop top, shoulder length hair cut, shag style, side parted hairstyles are some of the latest styles that are in trend today among men in France.

A Swatch of Contemporary Hairstyling for French Men & Women

Summary: The French men and women have always stood out when it comes to contemporary fashion, styling and attitude. The hair-dos are unique, easy-to-manage and extremely stylish that complements French paparazzi.

From simple to modest, classic to tom-boyish, stylish to stringy and plain, the French men and women exhibit the most beautiful coiffures in the world. They are not only easy to manage but very convenient and stylish at the same time. The population in France carries a lifestyle that is synonymous to none. They wear hairstyles that complement their lifestyle and add value to their overall look.

Hairstyles can make or change the comprehensive appearance of an individual and France is a place touted to be the most stylish of all in the world. Be it the young or the old generation, every individual in France seeks a hair-do that makes him or her look chic and trendy.

France is a diverse land of ethnic culture and contemporary style. The men and women here tend to choose a coiffure that not only suits their personality but also make a unique style statement that matches the affluent and luxurious lifestyle. Let us look at some of the most popular hairstyles for the men and women in modern France. Generally this can be categorized based on the factors like nature, behavior and profession of the men and women.

Popular Coiffure for Men and Women in Modern France
For the young college going girl, hair-dos are something that change every day. Each time there is a change in the fashion, you will see a different look. These girls go for either the medium hair length or the chic short bob hair-do. While a medium hair length can give them the opportunity to try a multitude of styling techniques, the short hair bob cuts are left no behind. From sporting a chic look that enhances their style to awe-inspiring tresses, the French damsels opt for hairstyles like the French braid, curly, waves and layered.

Synonymous to the meticulously fashionable women, the French men on the contrary are modern, subtle and trendy. They opt for hairstyles that suit their magnetic personalities. From a flamboyant clean shaven bald head look to a spiky hair-do, the French men make a unique style statement.

The professional women seek the simple and straight sophisticated look that suits any face shape. Whilst the professional men opt for the super stylish ironed hair-do which gives them a very contemporary yet subtle look.

The Coiffure de beach is one another popular hairstyle that most of the French men and women opt for during their vacation and while holidaying.

With a multitude of styling techniques and glam accessories, the French men and women share the most popular hairstyles in the world. Their unique hair-dos are such that they not only make a style statement but only suit every face shape and are very convenient and easy to handle alongside being trendy, fashionable and chic in modern France.

Stylish Medium Hair Styles for the Chic French Women of Today

Summary: It’s the perfect hair length that does not fall too short or too long on the shoulders. The medium hair length hair-dos are becoming increasingly popular with signature perfect elegance and sheer beauty.

Women in France have always been the damsel with long tresses that made them look one of the prettiest of all in the world. However, with the ultra-modern change in contemporary fashion, women have now changed their mindset to wearing medium length hairstyles. They are also the perfect choice for the women who don’t sneak into wearing a short bob cut or lengthy tresses and are the flawless blend of trend and fashion.

Off-late the super long hair locks seem to have a back stand among the trendy affluent women over 30 years of age in France. The medium hair length allows the trimming of unwanted hair length, split ends and texture less hair streaks. The key to perfect medium hair cut is wearing a shoulder length hair style. It cannot be too short or too long and should just touch the collar bone.

Stylish Hair Locks that Make You a Timeless Beauty
Medium length hair styles can be layered, angled, straight, or even curly with waves and flairs. They suit every face shape and add lot of elegance to one’s appearance. The cut adds extreme versatility in the appearance and evokes the natural beauty that captures the spirit of a Greek Goddess.

Long layers are the trendiest of all. They start at the chin and go down till the length of the hair. Stylists use razor techniques to give it the right feel and texture. A scoop of waves can add much glory to this hair style. Another style that catches one’s eye very easily is the scrunching effect that comes with just a blow dry. Now isn’t that cool.

Blunt bangs and shoulder length hair is very popular among the younger generation of French girls. It can easily be worn and gives an edge to a blah haircut. If you are one of those professional women out there, then the sophisticated straight cut is the apt hairstyle that you may flaunt. With a simple sleek and straight haircut, this style looks seemingly elegant and classy that suits every face shape without disturbing the sophisticated and subtle professional look.

To look drop dead gorgeous and ultra-stylish, French girls opt for a chic wavy look that suits every face. They are simple, easy-to-manage and very convenient without needing any accessories to add on to it. Add bangs to your hair or just give them a little curl, if you are the proud owner of naturally thick hair, then medium hair dos can do wonders to your look and add tremendous elegance to your beauty.

With a smarming number of medium length hairstyles for the ultra-chic, trendy and contemporary women of France, these coiffures are a big hit among all the age groups. From a young college girl to a woman aged 50, shoulder length hairstyles not only add elegance to their style but also complement their attitude and give a voluptuous outlook.

Coiffures for the Nonchalant – Ultramodern Women in France

Summary: Short hairstyles have always been in-fashion and the trendiest coiffure is an ultra-modern stylish woman can flaunt to complement her affluent lifestyle. From the short bob to the chic short spikes, these fashionable hairstyles can be worn by any woman.

From making a unique style statement to muddling through the hair loss nightmares, to making a sweeping change in her hairstyle or simply because she likes to wear it, women choose to flaunt a short coiffure for many reasons. With a multitude of haircut and styling techniques, short hairstyles have become the most preferred choice of women of all ages in France.

Did you know that a recent study shows that women in France prefer to wear a short hairstyle to make them look young?

Short hair is easy to manage and convenient to master a hairstyle that can complement your lifestyle and make you stand out in the clutter looking beautiful. Short hair is cool and the best part of wearing it is that it is time saving. There are tons of stylish hair do’s that are common to a French damsel. Let us talk about a few of them that can create an adorable pixie style statement.

Ultra-Chic Feminine Hairstyles are Trendsetting
The best quick-fix solution to your hair problems like split ends and unmanageable hair is the short bob hair style. It is timeless and adds lot of value to your lifestyle. If you want to make a unique presence with style and attitude, then these haircuts are the ones for you. Go for a hot pixie crop cut if you are someone who has a modern approach towards the concept of contemporary hair styling. The glam kitten in you will start talking the moment you flaunt such trendsetting hairstyles.

Do you think that you need long tresses to look beautiful and only they can bring out the feminine look and class in you? Now, you have a reason to change your mind with the super cool spiky hairstyles which are versatile and dramatic. Short Sedu Coiffure is extremely chic, flatteringly suitable for every face and sexy to wear. They have been touted as fashion staples that last for eternity. These can also be continued into a layered hairstyle which makes a woman look drop dead gorgeous.

Short, ultra chic hairstyles are classy, flamboyant and add value to your style statement. With a little trim and a touch of glam accessories to funk up your tresses, these short hairstyles are suitable for any occasion and festival. Women in France have always stood apart in the crowd from their male counterparts in terms of styling, attitude, elegance and charm. However, women choose to wear a short hairstyle in contrary to the long admirable tresses as it gives a sense of confidence, independence and rebelliousness alongside aiding to be an edge over others. Women of any age can wear a short hairstyle and appear as an elegant timeless beauty that is classy, chic and contemporary.

Get the Casual Look for Your Long Hair with French Hairstyles

Summary: French women give much importance to their hair do’s just like the dress they choose to wear. The famous French braid or the French roll hairstyle was introduced to the rest of the world by French women. French ladies prefer a casual look and do not expect their hair strands to be perfectly in place.

As rightly said, no woman is ugly today; the difference between beauty and ugly lies in the dressing style. When rightly dressed with perfect accessories, even an average look can be turned into a marvelous look. Hair styles are part of accessorizing. Fashion keeps changing and so is the hairstyle of women. French women are an epitome of world fashion. They keep experimenting new styles and always lead the world in terms of fashion. Even though it was the French ladies to first experiment with bob cut, today more and more youngsters are growing their hair long to look more feminine. This article explains some of the famous in trend hair styles for long hair.

Female Hair Styles for Long Hair in France
French roll and French braid have been a long time favorite hairstyle for many of the celebrities around the world. Be it a dress you wear or the hair-do you select, always choose the one which will suit your face cut and the occasion. Loose French braid is a neat hairstyle that looks great with long hairs. This is perhaps the most versatile hair do that can be worn on all occasions. This hair do is very convenient and easy. This hairstyle adds an elegant look to the attire. As a variation, a typical French braid can also be folded to form a neat bun at the top. This style is called as French braided bun and is apt for church events and marriages.

French roll is yet another popular hairstyle among French women who have long hair. This is the more classic styled hair-do which does not demand time longer than 10 minutes. French roll looks great when it is paired with a sleeveless dress and a bold sunglass. It is ideal for skinny and tall girls.

Rope pony tail is yet another easy hair style which is common at red carpet events. This simple hair style is ideal for all parties and small gatherings. This hair style is perhaps the best way to show the real length of your hair. It is as simple as pony tail. For this hair style first you should make a loose pony then tie it up with rubber bands at regular intervals.

Messy bun hairstyle, as the name suggests, gives a casual and clumsy look. This can be done on medium length hairs and long hairs. This hairdo gives a more pretty and stylish look and can be experimented by women of all ages. Generally French women do not expect a perfect hair style and prefer more casual looks. Au natural is common among teen agers. Without much effort this hair style just allows the hair to fall on shoulders without use of hair spray.

Trends in Female Hair Styles in France

Summary: France has always been the house of fashion. Many trends that are more famous today have its origin only from France and hairstyles are no exception. There is no one style which is perfect for all of us. Depending upon the facial features and density of the hair one should choose the right style.

Hair style plays a major role in the appearance of a person. Simple attire will look more gorgeous when rightly paired with the perfect hair style. Fashion is like a cycle, the style in trend today will be out of fashion the next day. Media has played a major role in influencing the style of people. Having a latest hair style that suits the face cut will definitely add much elegance to the personality. It is always important to keep in mind the event before selecting a hairstyle. French women always love to experiment with new fashions and this article explains the female hair style trends that are in fashion today. The success of a hairstyle lies in the way the person carries it.

Latest Hairstyle Trends
Long hairstyles are popular among ladies who love to look more feminine. The long hair up do and straightened look are the best choices of hairstyles for long hair. Long hair styles are very common among young girls as long hair adapts to all styles. The versatility of long hair has made it a popular choice despite the troubles in maintaining the long hair. Medium hair style is choice of women who prefer fun. Medium length hairstyles bring confidence. It is very easy to maintain and to care. Just letting the hair loose or by using small and minimal clips one can look fabulous in this hairstyle. This type of hairstyle suits the casual occasions, yet with head bands or chignon one can also adorn this style in functions. Short hairstyles are also in trend today. In fact French ladies were the first to introduce to rest of the world the bob style cuts. Short hairstyles were not much in trend till last year, but now it has gained immense popularity. Choosing the right style for short hairs is more exciting as there are many different options for this type of hair. Layers, pixie, perm, curls and bob are the most common styles for short hair.

Apart from this two toned hair is among the hot list today. Many girls have started to experiment with blended colors. Coloring the hair with bright shades around the face and finishing it with dull colors at the end is the more common trend. Straight wave hair cut, messy braid trend, feather styles and layered bob is also gaining popularity. Messy braid trend is perfect choice when you do have enough time to concentrate on hair do. This style is as simple as it demands, just loosely coiling the hair into a braid. Leaving loose strands around the face and short layers have become more prevalent.

What Are the Popular Female Hair Styles in France?

Summary: French hairstyles are known for their casual, classy, elegant and sexy look. Another advantage of French hair styles are that these are very easy to wear. Popular styles today are recreation of the 1960’s hairstyle. The same twists, braids and buns are slightly altered to today’s needs and are now adorned by many celebrities.
Around the world, more than women in any country French women are more fashion conscious. Dressing up well brings a positive simile among people around and also within. Paris is a city of celebration, and there are ‘n’ numbers of reason to party. Be it small or elaborate attending parties and events are always fun and getting dressed up is even more exciting. When ladies decide about the dress they also decide the hair style. A look is incomplete without a proper hairstyle. Considering the event, facial features and latest trend one has to decide the right style. To help ladies select the best hairstyle this article features some of the popular styles in France.
Fashionable Female Hair Styles in France
Bob cut was introduced to the world only by French ladies; today with slight twists the style is still hot in the list. A -line French bob is a style of bob cut, where the hair is longer in the front and tapers at the end. Unlike traditional days where the end was tapered so sharp, today the hair cut is just modified with a subtle end. Graduated bob has short layers at the hair making the hair look voluminous. Layers are trimmed based on a person’s facial structure and jaw line. Medium length bob, asymmetrical bob and uber cool bob are the famous style sin bob cut.
The pixie cut is yet another popular style which was very popular in 1960’s. As rightly said fashion repeats this style has taken a slight twist and is now again top in the wheel. The hairs are cut very short like that of crews and best suits skinny girls.
Updo’s with hair band is next in the list. It brings more casual style and is one among the summer hair styles. It works great in all outdoor events and summer weddings. The hair do is done with the help of an elastic band. An elastic band is placed like a crown and other hair ends are carefully tucked in the band.
Center parted hairstyles are common styles that are referred by young girls today. It works perfectly for long hair. This style balances the overall look and makes the face look longer and slimmer. Center parted style can be adorned with curly, wavy or straight hair. Sleek hairstyles makes the hair look shiny and glossy, it is the choice of ladies who desire to experiment with their styles. The hair looks lengthy with this style and even a curly hair can be straightened with treatments like ironing. Sleek hairstyle works to short, medium and long hairs. To get best results it is important to have healthy hair roots and hair tips. Off center chignon, low end pony tails, messy braid, knot style, fishtail side braid hair styles are few among the popular French hairstyles.

The Extremely Stylish, Coiffure de France

Summary: Irrespective of the style, attire, beseeching attitude and the captivating essence, every man carries a different style of attitude and hair-do. Coiffure has always been an intrinsic beauty aid to a man with style. Know more about the popular male hairstyles in France.

Whether you sport a suit or a casual tee, wearing a hairstyle that suits one’s attitude enhances his personality. Men in France have been touted as the most stylish men in the world who look perpetually incredible. While in countries all across the world, it is the women who tend to garner the utmost attention, France witnesses a completely different approach. Here, it is the men who give a run to their women counterparts and display the most appealing looks that reflect their culture and also a style that leaves them unique in the world. Let us look at some of the most popular hairstyles flaunted by men in France.

Quirky and Popular Male Hairstyles in France
The clean shave or the baldheaded look is one of the most popular styles of the French. Though in earlier days there was a myth that the French men are not prone to shaving, today, the clean shave look is what the men prefer to go with, most uprightly the masculine men. Being very prominent and particularly with the increasing popularity of even the celebs flaunting this hair-do, the bald head smooth shaven look truly stands out. The French men feel that the bald head or the “La tete chauve” look is very evoking and a polished style that is a favorite in all seasons.

The slick-back style which means pushing hair backwards and away from one’s face gives the most sophisticated look to a man. Very widely accepted, this hair style is the in-fashion one to majority of professionals who seek a subtle look. This hair-do is the political face of the country, noted the French President and can be worn very easily even by the medium hair length men. With a flat-comb or hair brush and a little hair gel to hold your hair backwards, this hairstyle champions all the others and gives a very smart and appealing look to a man.

Are you a musician, own a band or one who is from the arts, music or dance field? Then the most ardent look of such people in France is the Mop top Coiffure. No rules, no worries, no qualms about long uncut hair and a representation of a style statement, the French performers seek this hairstyle with utmost confidence and flaunt it in style. While for many men with long hair, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage, it still does not affect the intensity with which a French man carries this style. It is the perfect blend and a unique combination that gives a versatile look to the man, with an opportunity to also have a slick back style that gives a professional appeal, while performing one can just let loose the hair and get going.

Easy Female hairstyles

Women have become so busy and conscious of how they spend their time. However, they still want to look good and presentable making easy female hairstyles the best option. These classic hairdos give you the admirable look and allow you ample time for other activities.
Easy female hairstyles are the best for busy women
Choosing the right hairstyle is important for every woman. The need for new hairdos never ceases to diminish in any woman regardless of the length of their hair. Easy female hairstyles give a chance for saving on time. They are special options for busy women who have no time to spend styling their hairs but still have the natural urge of looking beautiful and presentable. For any woman with a busy schedule and looking for some extra minutes saved for other important aspects during the day, your ideal hairstyle should be simple and easy to maintain.
Time saving is an essential aspect required by every woman. Women have become professionals. They require some extra chance for incorporating all activities into their daily schedule, without interfering with the timing of any. At time, a woman requires handling more than ordinary and it is only natural that you look for things such as styling your hair, which takes so much of your time and substituting with simple hairstyles.
Simple female hairstyles are just as beautiful as complex alternatives. The advantage of these is that they keep you beautiful and at the same time, leave you with adequate time for taking care of your home or getting to work without cases of lateness. You just need to hook onto that fantastic look you love by adorning a hairstyle, which takes you less than 20 minutes to set. You can use hairstyle websites to identify a simple hairstyle, which will suit your needs. By searching carefully, you can come across some great hairstyles for the latest fashion to keep you on edge without taking so much of your time.
The classic hairdos that you can opt for are such as the bob hairstyle whose fame goes back to the 1920s. There are bob hairstyles that are very short while others can reach up to the shoulders. There are also inverted bob haircuts. These are similar to short bob haircuts but have been inverted with the front part having a longer angle to the front. You can also choose a layered look of any length you choose, short, medium or long as it is a versatile option. The pixie hairstyle or commonly known as crop hairstyle has layers extended from the crown flowing down to the neck. This is a great style for people with attractive faces and well-formed bone structures. There is also the shag hairstyle, which gives you a “shaggy” look almost like a gypsy and leaves you looking elegant.

20th CENTURY Female Hairstyles From Around The World

The 20th century was one with the most versatile hairstyles. As the world entered a new period, the hairstyles women adorned expanded extensively ending the Victorian hairstyles. Just like in other spheres of life, hairstyles faced multiple explorations and advancements.
The transition in the 20th century hairstyles
Hairstyles transition with time with old ones going and new ones entering the fashion world. At the same time, there is also modification of old hairstyles, to conform to the mood of the time. All this is always to make a woman feel beautiful, elegant and trending with her times. Several hairstyles entered the world in the 20th century. It was a time for the exploration of creativity and acceptance to hairstyles, which expressed optimistic feelings and open mindedness in the females. The hairstyles in the decade transitions from the Victorian confined hairstyles to loose and fuller options.
There were both long and short hairstyles with people preferring loose flowing hairstyles as the popular choice. Most hairstyles were ideal and held volume regardless of the length of hair. A noticeable cut in the middle of the hair formed a perfect feature for longer hair. It also went for long wavy tresses hanging on the shoulders while short hairstyles had barrettes, bows and hats used to hold them in place.
The transition went to the emphasis of pining hair up in neat up dos or making of wavy flows. Bows and hats made popular accessories and it followed the emergence of the bob cut hairstyle. The short hairstyles became a long trend then followed the accessories used in the hairstyles as the cut off point for the elegance in the hair.
The growing diversity in the 20th century saw an influx of varieties of hairstyles from across the globe. The end of the world wars saw people becoming more expressive of their feelings and women showed this freedom through their hairstyles. New fashions were bold and there was a carefree attitude in the short hairstyles women had. The caliber of women defined the hairstyles they wore. This also had an effect depending on the events they were attending.
However, regardless of the era you are in, it is obvious that time has an effect on the hairstyle and fashion you choose. The transitions in hairstyles in the 20th century saw massive changes, which left their mark in the hairstyles women adorn to date. These transitioned from the Victorian period to what the modern woman adores. It only gives a clue to the types of hairstyles to expect in the future as time passes since as it is now, the hairstyles women have transition from the old ones or present expressions of their present feelings.

Female Hairstyles from Different Countries

Summary: Women like to accessorize themselves a lot. Like the modern women, the ladies of ancient civilizations also had their own hairstyles and it very much reflected their culture and the girl’s artistic excellence. Today due to the exposure available women try different styles matching the occasion.
Each country woman has different culture and custom and most often this also reflects in their hairstyles and dressings. Also each woman has different tastes and different preferences; women in general love their hair and always wish to try out different hairstyles. A style in one country may be popular in other country to due to influence yet only the natives of those hairstyles carry the hairstyles at best and takes care of them well. Traditional hairstyles are still in the cycle with mild variations. Changing the hairstyle according to the season and occasion is a common trend. Due to globalization and increased exposure not all women follow their country’s hairstyle, instead they have started choosing styles which best suits them and which is convenient to maintain.
In general, women from European countries prefer short hair styles and Asian women love to grow long hairs. Extensions, hairclips and wigs are used among many women to change their looks. Asian women have black or dark brown hair, and others have light brown hair. The color and the length of the hair are purely in genes and this definitely reflects their nativity. Usage of artificial hair colors is most common today. There are also variety of beauty treatments like perming, straightening and curling that gives the person a new look.
Famous Hairstyles around the World
Jamaican dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle which originated from a group of Jamaicans. The religious movement called Rastafarian was the first to introduce this hairstyle. These people strictly value the words of bible and believe that long hair is a sign of knowledge and maturity. The curly texture of their hair contributed much to this hairstyle and when long they tie their hairs together like coils. This type of hairstyle is now renewed and it has undergone many changes and is now adorned by many famous Hollywood celebrities.
Nigerian Cornrows is a hairstyle from African continent. Here the fossils and old sculptures found revealed that this hairstyle was very famous in Nok civilization of Nigerian country. Here the entire hair is plated as small plates all around the scalp and is left to flow in behind. This hairstyle needs much practice and is now very common among African descendants.
A Japanese hairstyle which was very common is 18 the century is still famous among the tourists and theatre artists. This hairstyle was prevalent among entertainment artists, the white makeup and their bright red lips added much to their butterfly like hair buns. Japanese hairstyle resembles their animated characters and now in trend is their asymmetrical layered hair looks. Indian women most often plate their hair to a single plat or wrap it tight with the help of a hair bun.

Information about Braid Hairstyles around the World

Women keep their hair organized and neat through hair braids. Women can choose their favorite hair braid depending on the need after thoroughly combing the hair with wide toothed comb. It prevents tangles to stay away from your hair.

Women love to look beautiful. They wear beautiful dresses, ear rings, and bangles to enhance their natural beauty. Hair style plays a vital role in improving the natural beauty of a woman. Good hair styles including side braid, messy side braid, the milkmaid braid, twist around side braid, standard braid, crown braid, French braid and Fishtail braid, which naturally improves the overall appearance of a woman. Women across the world are now leaning towards braid hair style to further enhance their beauty.

Why Women Choose Braid Hair Style?
Braid hair style keeps the hair organized, neat and away from the face. It will not create any uneasiness while moving around or working. Beautiful Indian women wear beautiful braid hair style across the world. Women can choose their own braid style from any of the styles mentioned above and improve their style and make a fashion statement. You can choose appropriate style for modeling, college, work or for functions. Making Indian braid hair style is easy and takes less time. You can choose different variations of braids including French braid, maiden braid, fishtail braid or the messy braid for your hair style.

Both urban and rural Indian women prefer common braids. Braids allow women to easily manage their hair. It helps to prevent tangles. You can stay with braided hair for longer periods. Plaits are attractive for any type of hair or texture. Many models are increasingly seeking braid hair styles to improve fashion statement.

Standard Braids
Many girls nowadays are wearing twisted plaits, fishtail braid or reverse French braids. Majority of females use standard braids. Standard braids are also called English braids. Standard braids are made by dividing the hair into three equal portions and crossing left portion over the middle and then keeping the right one over the middle. This process is completed till the end. You can wear a rubber band at the end. You can adore your hair with flowers.

French Braids
It is also one of the popular hair styles. It also called Sagar Choti. You need to take 3 portions at top of the head and add hair sections to the plait. It keeps your hair neatly designed and enhances your beauty. You can add a bun to further enhance your beauty.

Crown Braids
It is almost similar to Swiss braid. It takes lot of your valuable time, as you need to add small sections of the hair from the crown area to the plait. It is good for long as well as medium type hair styles. Beauties with curly hair can choose this hair style for improving the appearance.

Some Tribal Female Hairstyles Popular Worldwide

Summary: Tribal hairstyles are doing the rounds these days amongst females worldwide. After all, tribal hairstyling makes them look different as well as attractive too. Some tribal hairstyling that are very popular amongst females these days include Zulu tribal hairstyling, Samburu tribal hairstyling, and Ashanti tribal hairstyling. All the tribal hairstyles have their own distinct patterns and designs. They differ in their accessories and styling too.

Females all across the world are fond of adorning different types of hair styles. Whether it is the contemporary hair dressings or the modern ones, a variety of options are always readily available. Amongst the latest trends in female hairstyling is the tribal styled hair dressing. Tribal hairstyling is the latest craze amongst the females worldwide. Tribal hairstyling is pretty unique and very different too. It always imparts a whole new look and feel to women. Incorporating traditional tribal hairstyling in your routine day-to-day life isn’t that tough either. Unique hairstyles of the African tribes namely Zulu, Ashanti, and Samburu can be easily adorned to attain beautiful looks.

Some Popular Tribal Female Hairstyles All across the World
1) Zulu tribal hairstyling:-
This type of tribal hairstyling is famous for its bright colors, attractive patterns and some big accessories like beads. Beaded hairstyles and bead patterns are the main highlight of this type of hairstyling. Wearing seashells and beads at the very end of the hair strands is very popular. Another popular hairstyle is to braid up the hair into an attractive ponytail and then accessorizing it with the help of beads. Many women also prefer tying their hair strands with seaweeds. Some females even prefer to cut their hair to an extremely short length and then accessorize it with beads or seashells.
2) Samburu tribal hairstyling:-
Similar to the Zulu type of tribal hair styling, the Samburu hairstyles too are known for their bright colors and appealing beads. However, what makes the Samburu female hairstyles unique are their attractive festive headbands. Samburu hairstyling also incorporates feathers as an essential accessory. Short hair cuts are also highly prevalent in this type of female tribal hairstyling. Colorful headbands are a must have accessory for Samburu type hairstyling. These headbands are just lovely and highly captivating. Samburu hairstyles can be distinctively recognized by their colorful headbands, feathers and beads. Women with evenly shaped short haircuts resemble Samburu type tribal hairstyling.
3) Ashanti tribal hairstyling:-
The Ashanti tribal hairstyling is composed of several unique and distinct styling patterns. One such unique pattern is the Kente design which visually represents the history, ethics, philosophy, moral values, religious beliefs, social conduct and the aesthetic principles of the tribe. A tribal hairstyling with the kente designs being incorporated into it makes an impactful African statement. The Ashanti tribal hairstyles incorporate patterns of their clan, sex and social status into their hairstyling and clothing.

South American Women and their Crowning Glories

Summary- Some typical South American female hairstyles are the short banger and casual pullback ones. The short banger is a short crop with layered bangs that suits only a few whereas the casual pullback is a hairdo in which hair is pulled back in an easy manner with a few loose bangs left out. The latter suits almost everybody and every occasion.

Every lady is proud of her crowning glory and those who cannot boast of their natural manes go to any extent to acquire one so that their tresses would be the most admired ones in the crowd. Women from different cultures have different ways of styling their hair that depends a lot on the texture of their locks. As far as the South American women are concerned, they are blessed with long hairs that are naturally straight, curly or frizzy. This gives enough opportunity for these women to do up their hairs as they please.

Some Hot Hairstyles of the South American Women
What stands out among the South American women is that when it comes to hair styling they do not go out of their way to produce an atrocious crowning glory. Rather, they tend to stick to the natural texture of their hair. For example, if the hair is long, these ladies merely add volume, some curls and shine to it whereas if the hair is curly or frizzy that is more difficult to manage, they simply style it into an updo or better still the afro.

One hip female hairstyle from South America that has worked its way up right into Hollywood is the short banger style. This kind of a hairstyle is an extremely short one; one that ends right at the nape of the neck. The specialty of this style is that the short crop comes along with layered bangs that best suits those who can pull it off grandly. Such a hairstyle can be styled by any skilled stylist and for the wearer is minimum maintenance.

Another popular hairstyle is the casual pullback one that although is casual in appearance, takes some expert styling to give it that easy-going look. Typically, the casually pulled back hair is given a classic makeover by introducing a couple of floating bangs that makes the hairdo appropriate for a wide range of occasions right from the working hours to beach parties and even dinner nights that demand stilettos.

Yet another common hairstyle that you will find among the South American women is the back-combed bangs with a centered ponytail that either stands at the nape of the neck or is held in position high on the head. Quite a few females also like to use a do-rag like a bandana around their heads that adds to the hair color and beauty.

Try some of these South American hairstyles and wow your friends like never before!

African Female Hair Styles

Summary: There are several African female hairstyles. These include up dos, braids, curls and twists, etc. The braid hairstyle includes cornrows, box braids and micro braids, etc. Go for a style that suits your face.

African hairstyle for women is always known to be fashionable and trendy. There are certain kinds of haircuts which have gained lot of popularity. Normally, persons are seen keen to get these types of haircuts. Up dos, braids, curls and twists, etc. all are amongst the prominent hairstyles this season. African females are well known to have a good style sense all by themselves and this complements their looks all the more. They understand how to make use of styles and cuts with flamboyance. Hair add-ons such as braids and also weaves as well as chemical relaxing could be utilized to make hair styling easy.

A Look at African Female Hair Styles

Most African women have an advantage of changing their hairstyles as quickly as possible. The increasing number of hair shampoos, treatments, hair conditioner and various products help in getting the fashionable hair styles done by African females. The natural trouble that needs to be overcome via hair designer involves dry nature of the African locks. To address this, hydrating creams and hydrating conditioners designed for moisturizing hair and giving it a gloss is used. Currently, hairstyle for African females of all age consists of styles which were seen as the preserve of much longer, softer Caucasian hair in the past.

African females enjoy many unique hairstyles. Their styles also have some modernity. This imparts the wearer a neat, elegant and timeless look. Braids are especially introduced keeping in mind the demands and needs of slim cut face of women since this suits them the most. It is chic and trendy. This hairstyle is done by putting plaits in certain sections. Various types of this style are cornrows, box braids and micro braids. All of them are truly good. To get totally fashionable try them. Another style is deadlocks. It suits the most on round face. Deadlocks can be styled by not combing curly hairs.

This hairstyle became popular by coming up of reggae music. Coil of hair is intertwined. This hairdo can give an ultra-chic appearance to you. Tight ponytail happens to be the best amongst all African hairstyles for females. There are many styles with which you may do this up. Pony tail is easily manageable. It looks cute also. It may be teamed up using different bands for making it attractive and stylish. Do the hairstyle as per your face shape.

Some Lovely European Hairstyles

Summary- The current European female hair fashion is to wear it mid-size that gives ample scope for trying different hairdos, is easy to manage and shows off hair texture properly. Common hairstyle trends are to side-sweep the hair or to take up the punk style. Long hairs are enlivened by adding volume, curls and shine to them along with bangs that make them truly fashionable.

Women the world-over are known to fuss a lot over their hairstyles and rightly so, for it is not for nothing that a woman’s tresses are called her crowning glory. While most women change their haircuts depending on their moods and occasions, some even go along with the seasonal changes if only to make their manes more manageable. European women are no different when comes to styling hair in myriad fashions. If you live in this continent or will be making a trip to it soon, then here is a peep into some trending hairstyles in Europe that you can follow.
Some Trendy European Female Hairstyles
For a long time, European girls appeared to stick to the hair basics- straight hair, long or short and parted in the middle. Even the color of the hair was kept natural with no one wanting to try some striking variances. However, this fashion is passé as more women are venturing to do their hairs in bold styles that even include some vibrant colors like beetroot red and shiny silver.
As far as the hair length is concerned, ladies are not just sticking to long or short, they are even trying out medium and layered lengths as these better lend themselves to different hairdos, show off their lovely hair textures and are still easier to maintain, at least as compared to long hairs. Moreover, with summer being just around the corner the medium length has become the most preferred one, although those in favor of short crops still persist with this style.
If European women are now playing with their hair length they are also trying out new hair partitions. Off late, side partition and side-swept hairs seem to be in vogue that has a mysterious allure to them. This kind of a hair partition is not only ideal with short, medium or long open hair, but they blend just as well with a down do, ponytail or a smashing bun that can take you to all events right from the informal to the most formal ones. Punk hairstyle is also liked by many that is not specific to any partition; rather the hair is colored brightly and swept up in the front
For women who still stand by their long locks, they can play with their hair volume, curls and shine, add front bangs or side-sweep it to create a flirty hairdo that is sure to wow that special somebody! You can also explore some of these current European female hairdos and please yourself and your significant other to no end!

Different Hairstyles of Asian Women

Summary: Asian female hairstyles depend on regional factors. The most common characteristic of Asian hairstyle and a prominent feature is long straight hair which has a lot of bounce and shine. In addition there are many other styles due to modern fashion of today.

In oriental countries like Japan the traditional geisha look is still very much in vogue. So is the chic looking coifs of harajuku women. Geishas were artistic oriented women trained in the arts and etiquettes of entertainment. Their levels of expertise were characterized by the hairstyle which had typical varieties such as ofuku or sakkou to name a few. Geisha styles today are worn on occasions.

The punk looking harajuku gals in Tokyo proudly display this style typical of street wear depicted by its razor sharp cuts. It gained popularity in the years after 2000 and sported bright dyed colors of red or blue or purple.

Short hair is also very popular in Asia with styles like bob cuts or mushroom cuts. Curls and spikes are also slowly catching on in the modern generation. Medium hair lengths are also favored by those wanting a more sober and flexible look. Medium hair can be manipulated well in creating a variety of styles where one can induce curls using anything from a curling iron to regular curlers. Medium hair is also good for a permanent wave effect.

The Ever Popular Straight Look
The most popular hairstyle which has withstood generations is straight look. Straight shiny hair is still very much in fashion in the whole of Asia and not just restricted to the oriental nations. In India too, the straight look is considered very fashionable. Straight hair can undergo a number of techniques to acquire a shiny sheet look. Feather cut straight hair looks very chic and trendy. The process of an ionic perm helps the hair to fall naturally and remain straight. The style treatment can keep hair straight for up to a year without coarseness. In order to retain the silky sheen of straight hair low ph shampoos are preferred along with conditioners.

Long hair styles are also common in the whole of Asia especially in India where long hair is considered beautiful. Long hair with curls and ringlets or waves incorporated into the style makes a very imposing fashion statement. Women all over Asia love their long hair enhanced by a perm with bangs, clips, and pins. In places like India most women will be seen sporting long hair with braids or a coiffure look or a simple bun with a single strand falling over the side of the face. This makes the hair look elegant but simple. Adding streaks of color by a process called streaking gives the style added effect.

Most Famous Female Hair Styles

Summary: There are certain hairstyles that are very popular among women. For instance, Bob cut, shag hairstyle, curly hairstyle, long and straight hair styles, messy hairstyle, super short hairstyle etc.

When it concerns trying out new hairstyles, you can come across many talented and creative hairstylists which women may visit. Nowadays, there are lots of hairstyles present for females to select from. They may easily choose the correct hairstyle as per their taste and personality. Hence, finding the correct hairstyles for themselves lets women to appear quite alluring. There are few of the highly famous hair styles which women may try. Curly hairstyle lets women appear extremely stunning. Hence, this hairstyle is in great demand. Unlike the simple, straight and long hairstyles, females will look flirty by trying this hairstyle.

A Look at Famous Female Hair Styles

The straight and long hair style is another highly sought after yet extremely common hairstyle. Ladies with straight and long hair seem very splendid. Straight and soft hair may be got by applying several hair treatment items. The messy hairstyle suits teenage girl depending upon their age or lively personalities. Gel can be utilized by females if they need to style in this manner. A hairspray may even be utilized to achieve the messy hairstyle. The bob hairstyle is a good style. It looks wonderful for all hair types. Additionally, you can use clips, ribbons, pony tails, barrettes, etc. to highlight this style.

Apart from women with extremely curly or frizzy hair, shag hair style is suitable and looks great on anyone. Shag hair styles are tapered, choppy and uneven for this reason. Hence, it is easily adjustable and suits any woman’s face shape. This style appears great even when hair is growing newly. You can get best results by scheduling haircuts every eight to six weeks. The short hair style is another hair style. The hair is cut just above the shoulders. It happens to be a highly popular hairstyle. Women not only seem younger by adapting this short hairstyle, but they may also appear stylish.

There is another hairstyle called the super short hairstyle. Many females are very fond of this super short hairstyle since women are able to look different by trying on this hairstyle. Longer hair usually makes females feel very uncomfortable in summer. Hence, they feel this hairstyle ideal during this season. Maintaining this hairstyle is also easy. Females who like to appear different may surely try any of these hair styles. These hairstyles let them to enhance or change their appearance. Thus, these are some hair styles that are suitable for females that are always ready to try on something new.

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